Yes, whilst it is more beneficial to utilise all generated electricity, unused electricity will be exported back to the grid. Depending on your energy supplier, you may be able to apply for an export tariff.

Yes. This can be either directly with the PV generated or we can install controls that divert your supply electricity to your hot water cylinders before any export takes place.

Most PV Installations are classed as permitted development so unless the property is listed or in a conservation area planning permission will typically not be required for installations below 1mW as long as planning guidance is met. Ground mounted installations or installations where the systems protrude above the roof surface by over 200mm. Oracle Energy will be able to advise on whether you may need a planning application or not.

The system is connected directly to your distribution board/consumer unit. From here the PV generated will be used within your premises. If the demand within the premises is more than the PV supplied electricity, you will draw electricity from the grid. If it is less, the spare energy will export.

Depending on your location a south facing roof will produce from 1000kWh to 800kWh for every kW installed.  This reduces by around 20% for an East or West facing roof. (this is based upon locations from the South of the UK to the North). Detailed generation will be provided on a case by case basis.

No. Your system will work in parallel with the “National Grid” and for safety when the electricity is cut your system will shut down unless you have a battery back-up system.

We always recommend a cleaning procedure for your modules and checks on the security of your modules on the roof, especially after periods of high winds or storms. We do not provide a cleaning service for small scale installations.

Please check for any fault codes and carry out a safe isolation procedure. Should you not wish to do this, please email info@oracleenergy.co.uk with the fault code or a picture of the front of your inverter